If you have ever read any “About” pages on the web, you know what I know. It’s all a bunch of crap written by a copywriter who was given some info about the company.

This one is different:

All I want to accomplish with the information on CannabisCaravan.com is to put every person on the best vacation for themselves and their travel companions. For many, that would be almost any great beach, good food, personnel who really enjoy their jobs, and a Big Bag of Great Weed with a backup selection of the finest rolled joints, hash, and who knows what’s next on the menu.

All this is just a stopover at the Licensed Dispensary, on the way to the Jamaican resort of your choice. Choose one that fits your needs and budget. Choose equally wisely at the Ganja Store, because there is too much to smoke and enjoy on any vacation. And we all know that you CAN’T TAKE IT HOME.

We cannot be responsible for any persons that refuse to go home.